Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Indonesian Movie and Drama] D'Love

Elmo (Grand Saga) have chosen to leave the luxury of their parents after realizing that his father was a Corruptors. To make ends meet, Elmo is a fighter with the complaints on the road. Although wildlife, Elmo did not want to leave. Friends of Elmo, Neina (Rebecca Reijman) know exactly why Elmo exist in two worlds totally opposite, it is because Aprilia (Aurelie Mouremans). Elmo and Aprilia has long drawn people together, but Elmo has vowed to leave the world would consider establishing full of hypocrites that try hard to deny their love in April because April is a young pianist who is also the only daughter and attractive business reputation, Baskara (Ahmad Albar.)

Detail Information :

Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Year: 2010
Subtitle: NONE
Genre: Drama
Cast: Aurelie Moeremans, Rebecca Reijman, Agung Saga, Ahmad Albar, Rizky Adrianto, Shierly Rushworth

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